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Master the art of influence with simple and easy to follow videos lessons and be amazed at how simple changes can result in a profound impact on the future of your practice!
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Meet our influence experts whose individual personality traits and talents mesh beautifully, to create this educational program that is both lively and focused on most of your critical areas of interest.
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What is Influence?

When it comes to your practice, influence is literally everything.

Even though you might not notice it at once, the most common struggles you face every day at your practice such as getting your patients to keep their appointments, getting your patients to follow aftercare instructions and even getting your team to contribute their best to the practice, rise from the inability to influence your patients or your team members positively at the most appropriate moment.

Bring in change that will encourage your patients to take a greater interest in their oral and overall health. The iLovetoInfluence team is here to guide you and to help you identify these pitfalls in your practice and to help you to figure out the best approach to overcome them and to help you in building the practice of your dreams.

Come join us and master the art of influence and be amazed at how simple changes you make today can result in a profound impact on the future of your practice!

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Featured Influence Experts

Gary Takacs
“The voice of dentistry.” As the recognized host of popular dental podcast shows, and an experienced consultant, Gary knows the nuts-and-bolts challenges faced by dental teams.
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Naren Arulrajah
Entrepreneur, businessman, marketing guru, an innovator . . . Naren brings an incredibly full context to the responsibility of influencing new influencers!
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Dr. Bill Williams "Take a dry subject, dentat insurance. add a pinch of Canadian savvy, and a pound of Take.. Magic and you have a recipe for a fun 15 minutes. The nail in the coffin for many dentat practices is reliance on dentat insurance and not the good kind. This podcast series wilt lighten your toad and make you profits. A weft worth it way to spend a few minutes each week." Dr. Bill Williams - Founder of Solstice Dental Advisors -
Fred Joyal "I mean this headline in two ways: this podcast is right on target with how to deal with one of the biggest challenges in dentistry today, and it’s right about how to get properly paid for the work that you do. Gary knows what he’s talking about. His partners in an extremely successful dental practice in Arizona, so his knowledge is first hand. Every dentist should be listening to this podcast €twice! It’s a life changer!" Fred Joyal - Owner 1-800 DENTIST, President Futuredontics.Inc and Fred Joyal Company -
Dr. Jim Arnold "As always, Gary Takacs has his finger on the pulse of what’s most important to helping dentists run a successful, high-quality, profitable practice. I’ve enjoyed listening to his podcasts and always learn something new that I’m able to apply the next day. Please give his podcast a listen, and you too can learn and grow from one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the business!" Dr. Jim Arnold - Cosmetic Dentist at Smiles by Arnold & Associates -