Remarkable Marketing

When it comes to your dental practice, marketing is all about getting people to know you, like you and trust you. Our experts are simplifying the fundamentals of marketing with the help of Cialdini principles to help you to embrace these amazing concepts you can follow daily in your practice.

Join the conversation with our influence experts Naren and Gary to learn the fundamentals of effective marketing and build a rock solid foundation to grow your business day by day!

Featured Lessons on Remarkable Marketing

iLovetoInfluence can help you and your team with video coursework geared toward each of you. Learn and use the simple tips given throughout the lessons, which are carefully derived from the principles of influence as taught by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Win the hearts of your patients, and watch your practice grow with these proven concepts.
Lesson 1: What is Marketing Lesson 2: The Moment & Influence Principles Lesson 3: Influence Principles: Reciprocity Lesson 4: Influence Principles: Commitment Lesson 5: Influence Principles: Consistency Lesson 6: Influence Principles: Social Proof Lesson 7: Influence Principles: Authority Lesson 8: Influence Principles: Liking Lesson 9: Influence Principles: Scarcity Lesson 10: Common Marketing Mistakes Most Dental Practices Make Lesson 11: Not Understanding The Uber Customer Lesson 12: Wrong Questions – Wrong Answers Lesson 13: Marketing Strategies That Work ‹ Back to All Categories