Meet the influencers

The iLovetoInfluence team welcomes you to learn more about us. We are proud to bring together two true scholars of influence. Their individual personality traits and talents mesh beautifully, for an educational program that is both lively and focused.

Gary Takacs

“The voice of dentistry.” As the recognized host of popular dental podcast shows, and an experienced consultant, Gary knows the nuts-and-bolts challenges faced by dental teams.
You know his voice from the Thriving Dentist podcast series, his name as the founder of the Thriving Practice Academy, and his passion as an advocate of reduced dependency on insurance in the dental practice setting. With an energetic presentation style, Gary is a favorite instructor at seminars, symposiums, and continuing education classes, and he is a published author.

Gary is also co-owner of Life Smiles Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ. He has in-depth insight into the roles of each player on the dental team. He understands the nuances and tensions between them, and the impact it has on patient care. He uses that background to provide coaching and consulting from a grassroots level to top management.

As a member of the iLovetoInfluence community, you have the opportunity to benefit from Gary’s expertise in persuasion, as well as his unique perspective on dental practice and life.

Naren Arulrajah

Entrepreneur, businessman, marketing guru, an innovator . . . Naren brings an incredibly full context to the responsibility of influencing new influencers!
Naren is best known in dental circles as host of the Growing Dentist podcast series. As Founder/CEO of Ekwa Marketing, he has helped hundreds of dental practices reach a higher pinnacle of success through website design and development, and a multitude of leading-edge digital marketing platforms.

With a deep passion for service to others, Naren takes consulting and coaching to heart. He believes that everyone should find genuine fulfillment in their jobs and in life. He knows that learning to influence is a direct path to those goals.

iLovetoInfluence is a group of dedicated individuals, bound by a philosophy of caring for others, and led by two master influencers. We welcome you to our family.